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December 25, 2019

2019 in movie

2019 year – another year in time but a memorable year in the world of movies.

Why so memorable?

Like the image above, the 1st thing is about the Avengers!

This is especially for newcomer character featured – Captain Marvel

This female character was also featured in the Avengers movie later on – Avengers: EndGame

We remember when the Avengers final instalment was released in April 2019, there was a sellout everywhere!

Even in Manila, people were rushing for this movie.

This was about the Avengers movie universe.

How about the Oscars of 2019? – It was the year of musicals or music theme movies.

Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born won awards in the Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

The former even won the Best Picture and Best Actor in the Golden Globe Awards.

Unfortunately, it lost to another music theme movie for Oscar Best Picture – Greenbook.

Aside from these memories in movies, what else do you remember about 2019 movies?

We remember The Joker as well.

Bangkok, Thailand – Oct 1, 2019: Joker movie backdrop poster with spotlights showing in movie theatre. Cinema promotional advertisement, or film industry marketing concept

I like the way Joaquin Phoenix played the main character so well that we predict he’s going to win Best Actor in the upcoming 2020 Golden Globe Awards, and possibly, even the Oscars!

It was a groundbreaking record for both The Joker and Avengers: End Game as they broke a billion in total sales and $600 million in the opening gross, respectively.

Movies helped to cherish memories as years later on, we will remember what clips that we will remember even after watching it only once!

For me, the best scene I take from The Joker is the scene whereby The Joker shot the TV host as a warning reminder to the public for ridiculing the poor in fictional Gotham City.

What else do you remember about 2019 in movies review?

Now, it’s not only the 2019 year that’s ending, it’s also about the decade of the 2010s that’s ending soon.

So, our next blog post will have a theme on the 2010s decade in movies – what do you remember about it?

We will continue to have more blog posts on movies.

We are having more blog posts on movie insights and we need more resources to keep this site going.

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God bless you and have a Happy New Year 2020 ahead!

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